Inside your infant's day

For Infants 0-18 months

Our infant program offers the best start to your child’s early care and education experience. Your baby will be cared for by loving, responsive caregivers who meet their needs while stimulating their development. Music and stories will be abundant to encourage eye to eye contact and vocabulary development. Sensory experiences allow our infants to explore using their five senses to get a better understanding of the world around them. Tummy time and floor time allow our infants to strengthen muscles necessary to crawl.

Each baby will have opportunities to interact with their peers and enjoy one on one attention with their primary caregiver. Primary caregiving is designed to enhance the secure bond between infant caregivers and the children they serve. The primary teacher becomes confident in the infant’s schedule, likes/dislikes and can communicate and work with the parents to ensure routines stay similar to home.

In addition to individualized plans for each infant, the program incorporates sign language into their day; for example, teaching babies simple signs for eat, milk, more, etc…

The Kiddie Corral has a separate playground for our infant/toddlers so they can explore the outdoors in a safe, appropriate setting.



We know that toddlers are typically very mobile and eager to discover their surroundings.



Our 3-year-old program continues to encourage independence and decision making skills.



Our Kindergarten program provides academic and social experiences to create good citizens and well -rounded students.

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