Inside your toddler's day

For Toddlers, 18-24 months

There’s a lot going on in the world of toddlers! We know that toddlers are typically very mobile and eager to discover their surroundings. Opportunities to climb, run and engage in active play is important to their overall development. Language development also will explode in this stage of growth. The teachers will use books, finger plays, puppets and songs to encourage communication skills.

Children thrive on routine and feel secure when they know what to expect next. Our toddler program introduces the children to “school schedule”. At this stage of development, the toddlers are typically eating meals and napping at the same time. The class is designed to be flexible to allow for individual needs to be met.



Our infant program offers the best start to your child’s early care and education experience.



Our 3-year-old program continues to encourage independence and decision making skills.



Our Kindergarten program provides academic and social experiences to create good citizens and well -rounded students.

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